Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mitch touted for 2012 on National Review

David Freddoso mentions Gov. Daniels high approval rating on NR's The Corner blog.

Amid all the talk about presidential candidates, perhaps this guy should get a few more mentions.

A recent Public Opinion Strategies Poll conducted on behalf of Indiana Realtors puts Gov. Mitch Daniels' (R) approval rating at 69 percent with 29 percent disapproving. The poll comes on Daniels’ 60th birthday today. The right/wrong track numbers for Indiana stood at 50-42%...Gov. Daniel’s image has improved a net-13 points sincelate September, 2008...

My fellow Hoosiers even appear to have gotten over his decision to place us under the tyranny of Daylight Saving Time. (Mind you, we haven't had a president from Indiana since "Little Ben" Harrison.)

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  1. Good find. Yeah I've always thought Mitch should get more national attention than he does - for turning our state around and getting our state budget under control (and in the black), but I guess it's probably because he's not "polarizing" enough for the national media. He just does his thing and does it well. Perhaps that's why he is doing well.